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With the current classification status of California app-based drivers up for debate, Edelman Intelligence wanted to bring to life the voice of the driver, uncovering how drivers approach this type of work, what they value in this work, and how they feel about Prop 22 scheduled to appear on the November ballot that would maintain their independent contractor status.

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Driver Voices

"Since I lost my job it has given me an option to have on demand work during this time of crisis."

– Female Driver, Millennial, Southern California/LA

"I’d like the flexibility and freedom, exactly as the ballot describes. It is a gig, not a job, and I really want to supplement my income but be able to dictate when and where I do it."

– Male Driver, Gen X, Bay Area

"I want to remain flexible, unattached, and be able to make my own money whenever I want to."

- Male, Millennial, Southern California/LA

"Being a full-time college student gives me little time to earn income on a fixed schedule job. Rideshare allows me to be flexible and work around my class schedule."

- Student, Millennial, Sacramento Area

"I have a full time job and a family. [App-based driving] allows me to work when I want if I want to make some extra money."

– Part-time Driver, Gen X, Sacramento Area

“I need a flexible schedule so I can focus on what I would like to do as an entrepreneur.”

– Female Driver, Gen Z, Sacramento Area

"I am a mother of 5 children. My week is already hectic with extracurricular activities… I needed a job that would be extra flexible that I could slip into between activity shifts as well.”

– Mother of 5, Millennial, Los Angeles


“I believe this vote is very important for drivers like us. This vote will change the way we will work and will benefit our lives.“

– Female Driver, Gen Z, Los Angeles

“It’s exactly as the ballot describes, I'd like the flexibility and freedom. It is a "gig" not a job and I really want to supplement my income but be able to dictate when/where I do it.”

– Part-time Driver, Gen X, Bay Area

“At the end of the day, it's about being able to supplement my income. For all their faults, ride share apps have allowed me to work for extra money at the time when I need it most desperately.”

– Male Driver, Gen X, Bay Area

"As a single parent without help I need to be able to make money when convenient for me. It gives me the opportunity to earn honest money when I need it right away.”

– Single Parent, Millennial, Bay Area

“I want the freedom and flexibility to work on my own terms. The ‘benefits’ of employment classification come with restrictions that are the reason I chose not to be an employee.”

– Female Driver, Millennial, Los Angeles


What CA app-based drivers say


  • would stop driving if the flexibility of their schedules was compromised

  • have another job. This is part-time work, not a full-time job


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